International Master Course

Oculoplasty, Aesthetics, Oncology, Pathology and Neuro-opthalmology
December 13-15, 2013, Hyderabad, India.

The three day event will provide all the tools, technologies, and best practices you need to accomplish your goals in Oculoplasty, Aesthetics, Oncology, Pathology and Neuro-opthalmology by bringing together the best lineup of speakers and international faculty.

Hotel Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.

  • Event Highlights
    • Didactic Lectures
    • ePoster Competition
    • eLecture Competition
    • Free Paper Competition
    • Hands on Skill Transfer Courses
    • Instruction Courses
    • International Orations
    • PG Education Modules
    • Photography Competition
    • Postgraduate Sessions
    • Quiz
    • Rapid Fire Case Competition
    • Video-assisted Teaching
    • Video Competition
    • Workshops
  • Who Can Attend
    • Ophthalmologists
    • Oculoplastic surgeons
    • Neuro-ophthalmologists
    • Pathologists
    • Post graduates
    • Optometrists
    • Dermatologists
    • Facio-maxillary
    • Plastic surgeons
    • Cosmetologists
    • Neurologists
    • Radiologists
    • Ocularists
  • Chairman
    • Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev
  • Advisors
    • Dr. Aashish K Bansal
    • Dr. Ajit Babu Majji
  • Patrons
    • Dr. VK Dada
    • Dr. Alka Sachdev
    • Dr. Hem K Tewari
  • Organizing Secretary
    • Dr. Shubhra Goel
  • Organizing Committee
    • Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
    • Dr. Santosh G Honavar
    • Dr. Kamalpreet Likhari
    • Dr. Vikas Menon
    • Dr. Kaustubh Mulay
    • Dr. Aditya Neog
Chairmans's Address

Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev,
Centre for Sight

It gives me immense pleasure to bring to you CFSEducation, a novel initiative of the Centre for Sight group of eye hospitals, with an aim to develop, apply, evaluate and share new knowledge in ophthalmology. Concurrently, CFSEducation will help strengthen the basic foundation in ophthalmic knowledge among the postgraduate students with its monthly contact interactive teaching modules (eyeOpener), hands-on courses, webcasts, and its education portal. CFSEducation will nurture symbiotic relationship with national and supranational peer groups such as AIOS and ICO partner with them in achieving common mutual educational objectives, while at the grass root, continue to collaborate with medical colleges and PG programs to run eyeOpener modules across the country. Essentially, CFSEducation will help spread the knowledge network both horizontally and vertically, systematically and effectively. Come, join in, partner with us, and ride the new knowledge revolution.

Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev
Chairman, Centre for Sight